Is It Me?

I am going to BlogHer here in less than 2 months and I have been looking around for some dresses for the parties. I tried on a few different dresses and this was the best for the day. I did find 1 other dress that I loved but it would have shown a little too much, if you know what I mean.

So this dress worked out the best and I thought I would see if everyone else liked it. The cut is awesome but….But the fabric seems so loud to me!!! The cut is good and the fit is good but the pattern seems a lot to me! Can I just get it in a solid? I love the feel of the dress on me and there are even pockets. But I don’t want to stand out for the wrong thing. All I can think is that I know I am as big as a house but did I need to plant a yard around it;)?

But I am trying to be more open. So is it just me? Is this just to much or is it cute?

3 thoughts on “Is It Me?”

  1. I think the cut works well- my only frustration with the pattern is, I wish the darker accents had been on the top half vs. the bottom so as the draw the eye to the face. Looking at the photo my eye is drawn to the skirt because of the pattern- I’m not sure it shows YOU off, does that make sense?

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