It is Never Enough

I was reading the online Jerusalem Post today to catch up with all that is going on in Gaza. I never get time to read it on a consistant basis but that may have something to do with all the rugrats and the newborn;). So I was reading on what is going on with the pullout in Gaza and Chairman Mahmoud Abbas stupidity somehow amazes me. No if it is stupity, piggishness, or naivety I am not sure.

Describing the disengagement plan as historic and significant, Abbas said: “The withdrawal should not be only from the Gaza Strip, but also from the entire West Bank, including Jerusalem. This is an important step for us, but it’s just the beginning.”

I must say that I can’t believe that, while Israel is struggling with its own citizens over this he is asking for more. It reminds me of something I am trying to teach NerdBug. When he gets something he has asked for or a treat, if he asks immediately for more(before he has even enjoyed the first thing, that is wrong. It is rude and makes people not want to give you things. I also don’t know if Abbas thinks hell has frozen or what but, to think Israel is (or should) give up Jerusalem. He can choose the reason he wants for why that won’t happen. A)security, b)The significance in Judaism or C) the tourist dollars that are so important to the Israeli economy. He also should realize that if Sharon gives much more(and it may already be to late) Netenyahu will take over and the Palestinian Authority will get nill.

My rant for tonight, off to feed the Nerdling, again;)!

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