It Must Be Israel’s Fault

Ok, so that is sarcasm. When the world looks at Israel it seems to question all the security in dealing with the Palestinians all the time. Recently Israelis arrested a Palestinian at a checkpoint. He had a false medical permit and was planning on a shooting spree. He was planning on getting a gun in the Green Line, which is on the side of the checkpoint. Israel has also has had problems with allowing ambulances to just pass into Israel for medical emergencies.

“The use by terrorist organizations of medical resources, particularly ambulances, in order to bypass the searches and security checks in IDF checkpoints emphasizes the need for a security check of medical vehicles,” an IDF statement announced. “Such searches are conducted in order to ensure that ambulances are not used by terrorists in an attempt to transport terrorists, weaponry and explosive devices.”

There are many examples of this and here is just one:

One of the most prominent incidents highlighted by Israeli security agencies is the suicide bombing attack on Jaffa Street in Jerusalem on January 27, 2002, in which an Israeli civilian was killed and over 100 were injured. The suicide bombing was carried out by Waffa Idris, a resident of the Amari refugee camp near Ramallah. Idris acted as a medical secretary in the Palestinian Red Crescent. Following an investigation by Israeli security forces, it appears that the Palestinian suicide bombers were dispatched to carry out the attack by Muhamad Hababa, a resident of the village of Beit Iksa near Ramallah, a Tanzim operative and an ambulance driver of the Palestinian Red Crescent. An additional associate to the terror attack was Munzar Nur, a resident of Anabta, near Tulkarm, which worked for the Palestinian Red Crescent as well.

The problem arises, what are Israel and the Palestinians to do. One option is that the Palestinians should go to Jordan for these medical issues. The problem (for the Palestinians) is that Israel is far more advanced to Jordan in the technology available. I do think the US and UN (if we are going to accept their authority) should take these issues into consideration. When statements and support is given, it should be on Israel’s side. Maybe is the Palestinians had to accept responsibility for their own society they wouldn’t elect terrorists to their ruling body.

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