It Would be Funny if it Wasn’t Me!

So we have had a couple of crazy things happen amid our chaos. So while NerdDad was in the hospital I needed a new book of checks. I came home one night from the hospital and dug around in a box in the office and found a partial book of checks. I proceeded to write a whole bunch of checks. Normally, I write 2 checks a week. On this week I paid all the odds and ends that were left over from when I had the baby. I think I wrote 12 checks that week. Well, I get a call from a friend I wrote a check to and she said the account was closed. I then looked at the book of checks and it was off an account that had been closed for 4 years. I had the same check design and the same printer, I just hadn’t looked at the bank. Do you know how dumb I feel. I go on to tell me best friend, Sara. Her response? What is very sad for NerdMom is very funny for Sara;).

So skip to tonight. Here is a little fact, washer machines shimmie when they are washing and the front loaders are the worst. NerdDad starts a load and comes back downstairs. Then we hear this bang. Not only had our Costco sized detergent fallen, the cap had broke off and poured soap all over the floor. Oy! You just have to take a step back and chuckle or it will kill you.

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