Its Hip to be Nerdy

Queen’s guitarist Brian May finished his PhD in Astronomy last year from Imperial College in London. Now his doctoral thesis is being published. Apparently he was working on his doctorate when Queen began to take off so he put the PhD on the back burner.

As a stay at home mom it brings me joy to see someone who took a 30 year break in education getting critical acclaim for their research. It brings me hope that someday I may actually go back to school.

As a nerd it brings me joy to see a rock legend say things like this:

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my years playing guitar and recording music with Queen,” said May, 61, who earlier this summer received his doctorate in a ceremony at the Albert Hall. “But it’s extremely gratifying to see the publication of my thesis. I’ve been fascinated with astronomy for years.”

You don’t have to collect knowledge for the sake of making money in it but the pure joy!


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