Junk Food Worse than Heroin?

Scripps Research Institute has come out with a study that looks at the addictive nature of junk food. Apparently these rats were so addicted that they were willing to take a shock in order to get the beloved junk food. They are trying to prove that the junk food is just as bad as drugs.

As a fat girl I don’t know what all to think. On one hand I can totally agree because I don’t know why my logic doesn’t control my intake better. But on the other hand I can’t say that I really cut a lot of slack for addicts so why should I be able to use it as an excuse because if you have a problem you should get help. The one thing that I get out of it that makes me feel better is that changing food choices is hard. Not due to my weak will but it really is hard.
So what do you think? Is the fact it may be addictive give us an excuse? Should junk food be illegal like the drugs? What?
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  1. I think junk food and overeating are both problems that are similar to drug addictions. Caffeine and sugar are the "Jone's" legalized drugs. I have gestational diabetes and am outraged that I can't find a nutritionist to help guide me on the way to feed my family healthy. I've been told that you have to have a medical condition and be sick before you can receive help.

    The doctors are trained to fix problems and not prevent problems. It's very sad. I can't get my sugar doctor to talk to me about lifestyles changes that I need to make after my baby is born.

    He says I have an 85% chance of getting Type 2 Diabetes in the next 5 years. He can't help me until I get diabetes. He's trained to teach me how to control the disease with medicine, food planning, and exercise.

    I am glad you brought this subject up.

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