Kiddie Cuteness

So we were having a Target outing today (check out their school stuff for a buck) and I had the most interesting conversation with the NerdPie. Someone in Target asked me if I was done having kids at 4 and I said yes. So the NerdPie asked why we weren’t going to have any more and why did we have 4 kids. I said because our family is just how God wants it. She wanted to know if we wanted the baby that died (miscarriage) too. I said of course but God made it the way He wanted and that we would see the baby again in heaven. She wanted to know if it would stay so small or if it would grow so we could see it. I told her that we would get new bodies in heaven. She was concerned and asked if we would still have eyes and be able to see. NerdBug said that we would still be able to see but we wouldn’t have to throw up anymore. NerdPie was relieved;).

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