Kids and Truth: Sometimes You Want Them to Lie;)

On Thursdays I drive by CSUFresno on my way to get on the freeway after Bible Study and we drive by the horses and cows. The kids look forward to it every week. Well, this week the horses were out but only one cow was. The kids wanted to know where the rest of the cows were and I said that they probably took them inside to milk them. Then, NerdPie wanted to know why they needed to do it inside and I said that they hooked them up to a machine to milk them.

Well, as of a couple of days ago I have begun to supplement the baby with a bottle after nursing her. So NerdPie came down from her nap and saw me giving the baby her bottle. So NerdPie looks at my breast pump that was on a table and says, “We need to start milking to get milk for the bottle”. While it was a completely true statement, did she have to say it;). I quickly told her we call it pumping for a mommie not milking.

I have only one other thing to say, MOOOOOOOOOO!

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