Kids’ Christmas Crafts

The NerdFamily Kids got their Christmas craft on over the weekend! They were all really fun and pretty easy! I will do a quick walk through of each one along with materials sourcing!

Snow Flake Wreath:

I bought a whole bin of foam snow flakes from Michaels years ago. So I have 10 million snow flakes and this is a great use! All this wreath is composed of is snow flakes, white glue and ribbon. Just take a stack of snow flakes (I recommend alternating fat and thin ones) and glue them up and under in a circle. Then we just put a ribbon through it! You could do a few and hang them in your front window. Very pretty!


Craft Stick Stars/Snow Flakes:

Depending on which kid you ask this is either a star or a snow flake;). It is just 4 thin craft sticks that came colored (I picked them up on clearance at Michaels). Just glue them on top of each other going different directions. Being the nerd I am, we do perpendicular first then 2 45 degrees;). I recommend after each level you apply pressure for a 5 count to help it grab. Then you can put little fuzzy pom poms on the ends if you want. You could also do jewels or glitter. I picked up the pom poms at Joanns.


I totally stole this version of the construction paper poinsettia from All Kids Network, including the petal/leaf template;). Construction Paper from the Dollar Tree.

Gingerbread Men:

I found these gingerbread forms at Target in the dollar bins for, you guessed it, a dollar;). I got 10 in the pack so there will be more gingerbread person making around here;). I had little foam pieces left over from the kids’ foam gingerbread house kits. But there were also googlie eyes in the dollar bin at Target. We took a cotton ball and pulled it apart to make the white hair and they drew on them with markers. Anything goes! For the record, the bald one is a cop. The little colored in gingerbread man on his chest is his badge;).

Do you craft with your kids for Christmas? What are their favorites?


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