Kindergarten Didn’t Make Me Cry

I am very proud of myself. My youngest (and last) kid officially started kindergarten when she was promoted to the kindergarten Sunday School. Since we homeschool that is our promotion day. While it felt very weird to have my baby start kindergarten, I didn’t cry.

Today is the big back to school day in my area and it made me once again think about the fact that all the kids are growing up and yada yada.

Then it happened…. I was checking to see if the baby had brushed her teeth. She is a thumb sucker so her front 2 teeth are always a little wonky (I sense a big orthodontics bill in our future) but today it seemed more than usual.

Her front tooth is super wiggly!!!! I mean as in “it will be out this week” wiggly. I immediately started to tear up and cry.

Reading, drawing, dressing herself was all fine. I was not (am not) ready for my baby girl to big enough to lose her teeth! Apparently, that is the bridge to being a big girl.

Yes, I am a big, giant, squishy wimp. Please tell me I am not alone!!!

5 thoughts on “Kindergarten Didn’t Make Me Cry”

  1. My 5 year old has attended full time preschool since she was 2. Since she’s my baby, this is my 6th and final year at the preschool. I thought I would be an emotional disaster as we start our final week there.

    To my surprise, I am fine. In fact, I am more than ready to move on, as is she. I can just tell the timing is perfect and I’m only looking forward, not back. Great topic though – when our emotions surprise us.

  2. I’m sad that summer is over but it’s purely selfish. I will miss the relaxed mornings we’ve had. I will also miss the fact that I let my daughter stay up later than usual. We’ve had a lot of fun times this summer and I’m not looking forward to getting back into the routine of rushing everywhere! My daughter hasn’t lost any teeth yet but I know it will be a BIG event when she does.

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