Kissing for Peace

So Sharon Stone is over in Israel and says she “would kiss just about anybody” to end the Israel-Arab conflict. She also goes on in this My Way article,

Noting it was International Women’s Day, Stone suggested that more women become involved in the male-dominated world of Mideast peace talks. Women consider thoughts and feelings more than men, she said.

“I think (men and women) need to be a team. We were meant to be a team,” she said.

You should read the whole article and read it aloud, like a blond;). NerdDad couldn’t help but laugh.

So on to a point. Has she heard of Golda Meir? Women have been involved and that doesn’t magically fix anything. I mean I am pro-estrogen but really. It was just so ridiculous that I had to mention it.

(HT: K-Lo over at the Corner)

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