Do You Know Where Your Minecraft Food is Coming from?


Food is very important. If you don’t have it you will eventually die (unless you are on peaceful a game mode setting where no monsters spawn and you don’t get hungry). Hungry itself won’t kill you but if you don’t have full food you won’t regain full health and you will be hurt until you have half hearts. The way your food levels are shown is that little bar that looks like pork chops. To be healed only like 2 of them can be gone. There are 2 major types of food But I am only going to talk about grown food:

Grown: These are all found in the ground like:

  • Wheat: I know that I have talked about this before but it is very important. It is planted any place that is hoed and is less then 4 blocks (diagonally) from a water source, I make a 9 by 9 square and take out the middle block and fill it with water. Wheat has to be planted on dirt only.
  • Carrot: These are planted and grown in the same way as wheat but are able to be eaten raw. These are only found in villages and some times when we kill a zombie.
  • Potatoes: These are almost the same as carrots but the are not as good for eating raw giving only half a food piece so you should bake them instead.
  • Pumpkins: These are grown in a spot next to water on dirt and will make a vine that will make a pumpkin on the block next to it.The only way to eat these is by making a pie with just a sugar a pumpkin and an egg.
  • Melons: these are grown the same way but you can eat slices of this by putting a melon in a crafting table. You can also make potions with melons.

this is just a few of the great foods that you can eat. tell me your fave.  


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  1. A friend of mine was in my Minecraft world, and set up my farms for me. He created 9 x 9 “floating” areas with the middle block removed and sent a waterfall down through the middle blocks. It “waters” all six levels of my farm with only one bucket of water. Now, my melons, carrots, potatoes, and pumpkins are each on their own level, and I have wheat on two. As long as you light the lower levels with torches, they will grow like crazy.

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