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Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by money, economics, the stock market, and business. So I was stoked to be get the opportunity to write a sponsored piece about SparkGift!

I remember finding out that some kids were given stocks by grandparents as gifts growing up, not my family but more posh families. Oh man! I wished I had been getting stock shares since I was little. And those friends who really valued it? Well, we followed their stocks and I mean the old fashioned way, in the newspaper. But alas, for my very middle class family, blue chip stocks (like IBM, Disney, and Pepsi) were not real gift options. But things have changed!

But before I get to how…

If you are not a money nerd stop rolling your eyes. I know, you are wondering why in the world you should give stocks. Well, it is a literal investment in their future. Let us be honest, how many times do we need to get a kid gift but you have no idea what to get them? Not even just kids! I can say, I love Bath and Body Works but it seems to be the go to gift for every family or female gift where you have no idea what they want! So stocks would be a great gift in all those situations.

It is also an investment in a child’s future in a non-monetary way. It is such an educational gift and we know that I love an educational gift! Want a kid to take an interest in the stock market and over all economic theory? Give them a stake in it. Want them to understand why it is such a big deal what Apple’s profit statement is? What a stock split is? Give them a stock to follow. And when you put it in a sector they are interested in like music, tech, medical they will follow the sector news developments and see how it affects everything. I think I could even count this as an educational expense in my budget;). 

11025132_1011651565530633_9097004088803098691_nSo great, how do you get stocks to give as gifts? You don’t have a broker or stock account or any of that. Don’t worry! SparkGift has equalized the stock game! You can give stocks to a ton a great, to shelf companies starting at $20! You are giving a piece of the stock instead of having to buy whole shares of stocks where the prices start over $100. You don’t need a brokerage account or anything like that. You just go to the website and buy it. In like a minute. That is it! Then it gets emailed to the recipient and you can print a fancy looking certificate to give them in person! You pay the amount for the stock ($20-$2,000) plus $2.95 & 3% per gift sent. The recipient doesn’t pay any fees that means no account maintenance fees, no trading fees, and no account minimums. They just open a Folio Institutional account and they hold the account. It is that easy!

Want to receive stock as a gift for you or your kids? Then you can set up a registry! Then you get a link you can give out! I signed in with Facebook and listed a few of my favorite companies and I was done. It was so easy!! 

Any way you look at this it is easy and awesome!!! You could get all your Christmas shopping done from the warmth of your home in minutes;). Check out SparkGift

(Disclosure: I was compensated to write this piece but all thoughts and opinions are mine alone!)


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