Late Recap on 4/9 Hell’s Kitchen

Sorry it has taken so long to put this up. I had to go out of town this last week and then again for Easter. It can really put a cramp in the blogging;). I am wondering if the Red Team is going to flow a little more smoothly now that Carol is gone. Let’s see!

Ramsay starts off the day asking who the weakest chef on each team was. Paula was asked and said Andrea while Danny was asked and said Ben. So Ramsay called them both up and asked why they should stay.He told them to take off their jackets….because they were part of the finale 6 (so they can get the black coats, duh). That leads into the 1 individual challenge. They each get 14 ingredients and they have to each make a dish using them all. Ben won the challenge because he was the only person who actually cooked the drumstick off the chicken. So he picks Robert to go with him and Ramsay to San Francisco. Everyone gets to do delivery day. Giovanni just kind of gave up on the punishment and while he didn’t completely quit he was just futzing about. Of course, at least one delivery was short or so they thought;).

It is going to be interesting to see how they all work together in 1 kitchen. Ben’s chicken dish is also going to be on the menu. Out the shoot Giovanni was opening the over and Robert turned out rubbery scallops. Giovanni had to redo chicken because the leg was bloody. Giovanni said that he wasn’t familiar with chicken. Huh? Andrea was just having issues. She was starting stuff to early and then not listening to the tickets. They told her again and when she still didn’t know, Ramsay kicked her out the front. JP was talking her into going back. She told Ramsay what was going and he let her back in. When Giovanni messed up the chicken (again) Ramsay yelled at him. Then Giovanni yelled back that he wasn’t the bad name. So Ben gets on the station to help Giovanni and then Ben messed it up too. The over all team work was so off. No one could get the food done together. Then Giovanni had put a hot tray in the cold frig and then it burned Robert (bad).

Paula was told to put up 2. She put up Giovanni and Andrea. Ramsay sent Giovanni. That wasn’t surprising. He could do well sometimes but he just wasn’t consistent. But I do think that Ramsay is gunning for Andrea and possibly Ben.

Then Ramsay did call them all back into the dining room. He is shutting down “Hell’s Kitchen”. I am wondering what that is going to mean.

As we are at the final 5 I am interested to see what happens. See you later this week!

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