Legoland and Brick or Treat

Legoland and Brick or Treat

Last week we here in the NerdFamily were so blessed to receive some passes to Legoland and their annual Brick or Treat party! Brick or Treat is a special after hours event that every Saturday in October and a few Fridays. 

We love Legoland! We try to go at least once a year and the kids still love it! Not only do we love LegoLand, we also love the people who work there. This isn’t just a random group but a very geeky group of employees;). I had all my kids in their Doctor Who shirts and they had no less than a dozen different employees engage them in real conversations about their shirts!

This year we did their Mindstorm Mr. Heartbeat class for the first time and the kids loved it! Totally worth the 45 minutes. We also did the 4D Chima movie. I am so glad they did a current series that my kids love.  And we did all the fun normal rides like the Dragon and the Lost Treasure ride.

Brick or Treat was the big event and we had never done it before. 

This is an action packed event that runs from 5 until 9. There is a costume competition that is open to everyone and then there is a stage show where the award winners. There are a ton of concerts and dance parties going on all night.There is also a Brick or Treat trail where kids trick or treat. And of course there are rides that are open! 

So onto what we thought;). It was very crowded for the actual Brick or Treat events. The rides, on the other hand, were a dream! We barely had to wait for any ride except the cruise. They had a fabulous night cruise that had a letter hunt and was ran by different costumed employees with different stories and accents. The cruise was gorgeous but it was quite a long wait.

The buzz kill for me in the whole evening was the crowd. There are limited amount of tickets that are available but… Half the park is shut down but it feels like you still have 3/4 the crowd. So when you went to take the kids on the Brick or Treat path the lines were really long. At one point we were in line for a station (that was giving away a commemorative brick) and there was over 200 people in line. So we only did a couple stations. Luckily we were told to hit Treat Station 10 first and they had great Chima sets! But we only did 3 other stations after that and the kids got thing like apples and juice packs. 

Even though there are a lot of people there, if you are into Halloween it is really fun. Between all the skits, costume competitions, dance parties there is a lot of Halloweenie fun to be had. 

Thank you to Legoland California for the tickets, we had a ball. And even though we were given some of our tickets all thoughts and opinions are still mine! 

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