Liberals and Lack of Logic

I was cruising some of the other pro-homeschooling blogs and found The Common Room: Outrage of another sort. She pointed out the problem this piece of a poli sci lecture:

“Bottom line: We can reasonably conclude that infant mortality would appear to be a more pressing policy priority in a poor country like Cuba than it is in the United States. You should be outraged, especially given the disparity in the wealth of the two countries.”

Did it ever accur that leaving some things out of the goverment policy wonk’s hands might be the reason for success? It is stuff like this and geography teachers who say that Bush is like Hitler, that convince me I can homeschool. BTW what does that have to do with geography?

One thought on “Liberals and Lack of Logic”

  1. What a great post on homeschooling logic! Seriously, some of your best work. I can’t argue with one word of it, and I just subscribed to your feed. In the future, how about a post on ANCHOR_TEXT%? Cheers!

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