2 thoughts on “Life and Not Living: Behind the Monitor”

  1. Oh yes! I know where you are coming from with ‘life’. And stuff. But to answer your question about how I find motivation; for me I have realized that it has to come from tangible goals. And I hate them. I mean, I WANT them, but I just want to write when I want to write, and the idea of having a goal of numbers or earnings or even a consistent number of posts makes me feel like THIS IS NOT FUN. But in reality – it is fun, I just have to frame it differently in my head. It’s the difference between having a job (even if it is a part time job) and a hobby.

  2. This is a loaded question. After spending most of last year doing way too much, I’v found that this year, so far, I have learned to to let it all go and come back when I’m motivated. My “word” for 2013 is “cubbyhole”. My goal is to not over stuff my cubbyhole with obligations, commitments, and yes, sub-par blog posts and be the kid with the neat and tidy space filled with on the important projects. Also? Don’t think that you have to apologize for not blogging or writing. This is your space to express yourself so do it when you feel the want and need to do it. We’ll be here when you’re ready :).

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