Life Skills as Curriculum

One of the great arguements for homeschooling is that learning is always happening. We put done shopping time where we have kids help with prices as math and other similar things. But why should we try so hard to make life experience fit into conventional subjects? Because traditional school doesn’t value life skills. Now I am not just talking about keeping a home and cleaning up after yourself, but broader. I was reading Why Homeschool and how college grads can’t even write a decent resume. We need to equip our children/students with the tools that will make them successful adults but the traditional school system isn’t built that way. Life is our lab class for most real subjects. Let me illustrate…

I had nutrition class in elementary school were they said how many servings of fruits and veggies we need but, I was never taught how to make that kind of food. I was told to dream of the job I wanted but wasn’t taught how to interview for it or write a resume. I was told to plan on going to college but not how to budget my money to live at college.

Why don’t we make life skills a graded section of our curriculum? In high school it is acceptable to have a class on food but other than that we don’t do it as a practice. We launch these kids into life to move out (hopefully;), get married and have kids. NerdDad says it is because we let traditional school tell us what we should be teaching our kids as part of school. We step out to homeschool but still conceed what “valid” subjects are. Let’s rebel! Not just for “keeping the home” for girls (as some do) but life skills that are as we see needed for every student to live a successful life. Join me? Have I lost it? Let me know what you all think!

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