How To Be Like The Avengers In Minecraft: Costumes

Avenger Costumes

This is a post to show you how to change your skin in minecraft so you can be an Avenger like Captain America or Iron Man. I am going to go through step by step on how to get a skin file, find it, and turn it on to your skin.(Check out the links hidden all throughout the page).

1)The Skin

First you need to find a skin file. It is a Jpeg that can be confusing but looks cool when you have it on the model. I suggest you look around on Planet Minecraft for a cool skin to wear. If you are playing a multiplayer world your skin is the main thing people remember about you so choose your skin wisely. download your skin after you find it.

2)Find The File

Next you need to find the file. This step can be moved around cause you don’t need to use it for a while. Find your file interface. I have file explorer so I don’t know if this works for all computers but it should work for most. Click on your downloads file and it should be in there.

3)Go To Minecraft

Unfortunately this doesn’t mean we are playing Minecraft to get your skin (though they should totally make part of the process). It means you need to go to the Minecraft  site and log in with your minecraft account.

4)Set Your Skin

This is the last step all you need to do is go to the button that says manage profile. Click on the button that says change your skin. Then click on the button that says add your skin file which you already know where that is and you are set. You will probably need to close minecraft and reopen it and then you are done.

I hope that you have fun using your new skin and please let me know if there is anything you want to learn about in Minecraft.


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