A Look at Time Capsule: Medieval England


I think it is well know that I love unit studies! You can delve into a subject as deep as you want and have a ton of fun with it. But I am lazy so I don’t put unit studies together for my kids like I might enjoy. So I was stoked to receive a copy of Time Capsule: Medieval England!

This is a 12 week unit study with over 300 pages. It is aimed at 2nd through 8th grade so it is great for multiple kids in a family. This is one of those books that you just have to open and go!

It is broken up with daily lessons so you can take bite sized pieces. I personally won’t be doing it every day but interweaving into all else we are doing. I love the fact that the fun and creative activities are layed out for me. This not my strong suit so it is great to get a hold of something that lays out step by step an immersion experience.  And a fun one like that!

This is more of an immersion curriculum and not a facts and figures one. Meaning you will learn all about the instruments and what they sounded like or dress up like a monk. You may not learn the details of battles;).  But you will learn a lot! I am using it with a variety of more date and fact specific books that we can check out for free from the library to just round it out for my older kids. 

In addition to the book, you get reading lists along with supplemental downloads and links to related information. What more can you want? 

You can pick up a copy of Time Capsule: Medieval England from Amazon in both print and Kindle versions! What are you already doing for Medieval history? I don’t remember doing much in school with it myself so I am really enjoying it. Did you study it in school?


(Disclosure: I received a free copy in exchange for this piece! But all thoughts and opinions are mine alone!)

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  1. So, this is awesome! I just started putting a Medieval unit together, to start us off next year, and I’m looking for resources. Thanks for sharing!

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