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Redstone, machines, and Minecraft come to life. What is better than that? First, I am going to talk about simple machines that you can use to make cooler and bigger machines and the tools to do them with. This tip not important with smaller machines but very important when you are doing cool bigger things. The power made by a redstone torch, button, or switch, only carries through 16 segments of redstone wire so to make a ceiling that is lit all the time you will need some new tools. These new tools can be used for a variety of machines like automatic cannon, fireworks launching, and a TNT trap.

  1. Redstone repeater: This is very helpful because you can put it in the wire but it doesn’t power the wire unless there is power on one side of it. To make it put cobblestone across the bottom of the crafting table a redstone piece in the middle and redstone torches in the left and right middle.
  2. Redstone torch: This is helpful for the opposite reason, if you put this up next to the wire it will send out power but if one side has power it will stop the power going through. It has to be the only source of power or it won’t turn on and it won’t let more power go to the other side. You make it the same way as a plain torch with redstone instead of coal. This also can be used for light but not very well. It only glows at half the light.

Indoor Lighting.

This is a good simple project that shows you lots of cool items for this and all other projects I suggest you should make this in creative so that you know what you need.  First, you need redstone lamps which is made by having redstone in the corners and glowstone dust in the rest of the spots on the crafting table. Make a hole in the roof and put the redstone lamps to fill the hole but all the lamps must be touching on the sides (not corners as the only connection) of the lamps. Now put redstone on top of the redstone lamp. You put a switch next to redstone that connects to the redstone lamp. You can put it where ever you want as long as it is touching with wire the redstone on the lamps. Make sure to add redstone repeaters if you need them.

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  1. Wow! I didn’t know about redstone torches! Well, I DID but I didn’t know what they did other than activate TNT and normally power redstone. Another really cool redstone machine is a command block. It is a block that when you are in creative mode and right-click it you get a pretty cool gui. The box in the gui is for commands, and when the block is activated with redstone it will run the command. You can use it for teleporting, tornadoes and even hoverboards! My favorite command is one the will summon herobrine from an armor stand! However, you can’t get a command block normally as you can’t craft it or use creative to get it. you have to type /give @p command_block to get it.

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