Math & Fashion?

Sounds like a match made in Nerd Girl heaven right? That is the first thing I thought about when I heard about Sonsi’s Fashion Genius feature!

Let me straight out say, I have issues with clothes! I am trying to be more deliberate about style and fit but ugh, I must have a weird body! I have so many fit issues! And they aren’t even issues that are just about me being fat, even plus size clothes don’t fit quite right. But apparently I am not alone:

The Issues With Fit
Our survey results reveal that the majority of plus size women have major
issues finding pants and jeans that fit, with 55% reporting they want to
conceal their waists and 46% wanting to conceal their hips. Additional data
shows that, when it comes to pants and jeans, plus size women experience a
wide range of fit issues:
• 65% report problems with jeans gaping at their waist
• 63% avoid narrow leg pants and leggings
• 52% experience fit issues in the waist
• 30% experience fit issues in the hips

And that is just about pants!!! There are similar statistics about all the other types of clothes too! But that is where Fashion Genius kicks in. They have a 3 minute quiz that helps us to find the perfect clothes! And this isn’t just based on whim but it is based on an algorithm developed with over 70 million data points of information (yes, I am getting my geek on;).

So what does the Fashion Genius look like in style for me?

My profile for tops

I have to say, I think that is pretty dead on to how I want to dress! This is just awesome!!! I never feel very confident in trying anything new and cute so this is just the tool I need!

So go try it out and let me know how it works for you. Did it pin down your style? Did it show you some super cute clothes? Let me know!!!

Math and Fashion, for the win!

(This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. I was compensated for my time investment and work on this campaign.)

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