Metro Mama Wrap

I have had 4 kids and didn’t discover the Metro Mama wrap until my last kid. Now I am not a big baby wearer but their are times when it just makes you life so much easier. But I wasted a fair amount of time and money trying to figure out how. I did a chest pack with kid #1 and it helped with his reflux but it was a pain to put on and get him in and out. I had a sling with #2 and it just didn’t seem that secure. But with #4 I used a friend’s wrap and it was awesome. I could put the baby in it and pick up another child, empty a dishwasher, whatever. I didn’t have to use a hand to stabilize her or anything! Here is a great how-to video on using the wrap.

3 thoughts on “Metro Mama Wrap”

  1. thank you thank you. i have a sleepy wrap that seems really similar to this and a new baby coming next month! I cant wait to give it a try and kind of understand how to do it now!

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