Demon Sheep

So this is the scandalous commercial against Tom Campbell in the Republican primary for Senate. Going into viewing the commercial I thought that no matter what that I would support whom ever runs against Barbara Boxer. Now I am not sure.
I find the commercial ridiculous and stupid. But it is the primary and things get dirty within the party. But a few things hit me. Like why would Fiorina grasp at such obvious straws instead of doing a real piece? Well, when you are the person who ran a stable, work horse company like HP into the ground…You gotta knock somebody out by the knees in order to really be able to pose as the stable one.
Then there was the tag line. “Carly for California” What? Are you a high school cheerleader? You are a grown woman running for the Senate. Come on. And kudos to you, Campbell for making hay out of this!

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  1. 2 of the senior partners at my DH's firm previously held high level positions at HP under Ms. Fiorina. My DH recently asked each in confidence what their opinion was of her. Both had VERY negative things to say.

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