Minecraft Biomes

Minecraft Biomes

Minecraft biomes are different lands like deserts and plains. Each biome has its own landscape with different resources you can collect. I’m just going to talk about common ones.

Plains: My favorite is plains which has weeds and some flowers. All animals live there but I wouldn’t suggest living there without woods near by. It is one of my favorites because you have a nice flat landscape to build on. You don’t have to clear out woods or dig away land.

Woods: Woods are a necessity because you need wood to make almost anything. You can find most animals and different types of wood here so it is a good place to live.

Desert: Deserts are just sand and cactus and lots of it. You can use cactus in some types of traps.

Savannah: Savannahs are brown but the same as plains.

Jungle: Jungles are great for wood and have cacao beans for cookies.It’s a great place to live but there isn’t a lot of room for big houses.

Those were the common ones here is one of the small ones.

Mushroom Island has lots of unique things such as Mooshrooms, Giant Mushrooms, and mycelium dirt.Not a great place to live because there are no trees.

Here are the sub biomes that just change the landscape of the common biomes 

Caves: Caves are big caverns that have ores and lava pools. If you dig down anywhere you could find a cave.

Beaches: Beaches are strips of sand by water. Rivers can be found at the of biomes and they have beaches on them. These have fish like any other water source. 

Hills: Hills can be on any biome. The biomes are the same but on hills.

Hope this helps.   Nerdpie


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