MisMatch Letters

Ok, so Meg Whitman hired an illegal as domestic help. The question is if she knew. A mis-match letter is supposedly (according to Allred) the nail in Whitman’s coffin. Here is the deal with those letters, they really mean nothing. They are given to employers to basically to give/notify their employees so everything works out for the employee. According to the SF Chronicle, it would have been illegal for Whitman to have done anything about that letter. Supposedly the letter says it has nothing to do with immigration status.

So does this make Whitman look bad to me? No way.

I got one of these letter every year from 18 until 21. I was raised under my step father’s last name and worked under it until I was married. The name on my social security card was not that name, possibly because it was never legally my name, but I digress.¬†Occasionally an employer would give me a copy of the letter they received and advise me to fix whatever was going on, but not all of them. So how do I know that these were sent out every year? Because I got a mis-match letter from the IRS every year sent to my home. Nothing ever happened and it wasn’t a big deal, I still got my refund every year.

Oh, 1 of the employers that never even bothered saying anything? The State of California.

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