Mr. & Mrs. Smith

So I just watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith a couple days ago. It was both good and bad. The worse part was if you saw a single commercial you knew the entire plot. It wasn’t a portion of the plot or an aspect of the plot, but truly the whole plot. Now that said, it was an ok movie. There was lots of hand to hand fighting without any real gore, so I always enjoy that (uhoh, My violent, agressive side is peeking out). Angelina Jolie really seems made for these type of parts. And yes, that means that I enjoyed Tomb Raider. It was another example of bloodless violence. Brad Pitt was ok, just a standard male action role and portrayal. This is definately not little kids friendly. Between the violence and the sex (it was almost all within the confines of marriage and you didn’t see much)it wouldn’t make it to a family movie night. So there is my 2 cents;).

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