Muslims Try to Stone a Girl in France

Once again Gates of Vienna has come through with a shocking but true story.

‘A schoolgirl at the Jean Mermoz college [secondary school] in the eighth district of Lyon was pelted with a hail of stones on Wednesday morning in a playground where she was eating a snack. The theory that the act was related to the non-observance of Ramadan has been confirmed by the prosecutor in Lyon on the strength of the earliest results of the investigation.

Yes, children were stoning another student for eating during Ramadan. The scary part was that the President of the Regional Council for the Muslim Religion only problem.

He deplores the ignorance of the pupils, to whom it would be necessary to teach the Koran at school, and who are unaware that during Ramadan the “women who are indisposed are exempt from compliance’.

So the only reason that it was wrong was because she might have been on her period? Come on. Remember that this wasn’t in a strict muslim extremist society but in France (ok, maybe that is a muslim extemeist society;). This wasn’t anything I saw on the news. How about you?

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