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I am a big believer on teaching kids the importance of chores and how to be responsible. Of course the official reason is that it is important to help our children become self supporting, responsible adults. Lets be honest, the more motivating reason is that I am not paid nearly enough to be their servant. I have yet to find anyone who can afford what it would cost to make me be their servant;).

We don’t do allowances in this house. We have always said there is a certain amount of work that is just part of being the family. That said, I always have big jobs, projects and extra ways for them to earn money or privileges.  So to that end here is a free tool that might help!

My Job Chart is more than just a chore list. I mean, I could just make a chore list on a scratch piece of paper. I am looking for a little more than that in a tool;). My Job Chart is a website and apps that are designed for both parents and kids to use. Parents can enter jobs and rewards. The kids can then log in and enter the jobs they have completed and redeem points for rewards!

The jobs are entered by parents and we decide how many points each job is worth so it isn’t just a check off system for the kids. We can teach them that harder (or even optional) jobs are worth more points. And I like how the rewards system is structured. You can enter any for of reward you want! It can be a product from Amazon that the kids can redeem points directly for (when you give permission) and it can be shipped to you. That is nice because then you don’t have to remember to go buy the prize;). But I like the other reward options too! You can put in any kind of prize like a playdate or video game time! There is even a charity section so your kids can redeem for those! It is a great way to teach how to give of your time for a charity because their time will be worth a donation!

Go sign up for My Job Chart! It is free so give it a whirl! And I do ask that you use one of my links because that will help support this blog!!!

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