Next Food Network Star (6/28)

Between VBS and my oldest’s birthday, I had a hard time trying to get this up yesterday. But here I am! So do we all thing Teddy is on his way out or can he redeem himself? Is Jeffrey going to stay on top?

So Bobby shows up with a dome. It has a burger under it. Bobby is opening a “Bobby’s Burger Palace” that is about regional burgers. They are going to make burgers in 20 minutes and then they have to present it to camera. The winner will have theirs put on the menu. Katie put an undercooked turkey burger on her bun. Is she going to feed it to them? Melissa did really well in her presentation. Teddy kind of had the game show host thing going again. Oh my goodness, Katie fed them her burger! The bottom 2 were Jamika and Katie. But the top 2 were Melissa and Michael. Michael won and his burger going on the menu.

So for the elimination challenge our finalists find them selves at the Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum. Guy Fieri walks out. The finalists are going to be cooking for soldiers return home from the Middle East. There are 7 baskets each with ingredients that are related to a state. They have to incorporate all the ingredients into their dish. The winner will have their all American dish on the cover of USA Weekend.

Teddy: New York -Duck Breast,Cream Soda, Apples: DLT
Jeffrey: Maine -Lobster, Smoked Adler Seasalt, Blueberries:Potpies
Jeffrey and Teddy cook first. Jeffrey got totally thrown off by the small electric burners. Teddy ums and “let sees” a lot. He had a real hard time. Jeffrey’s food was a huge mess. You could tell he didn’t feel good about his food because it was obvious in the presentation. The judges thought it was gross.

Melissa: New Mexico -Skirt Steak, Chilies, Mesquite Honey :Tostada with a Mango Salsa
Katie: Georgia – Almond, Panko and Cornmeal Crusted Catfish with Sweet Vidalia Greens, Molasses and Orange Butternut Squash
Melissa was smart and tasted all the chilies because she doesn’t cook with them. Melissa did great with the presentation. The judges all thought is was tasty. Katie did better with the presentation. Bobby said Katie did well with the catfish.

Jamika: Wisconsin -Cheddar Cheese, Amber Beer, Keilbasa Sausage: Casserole
Jamika couldn’t get the potatoes to cook. So she decides to process them to get them to cook. She even knows that it is going to make gluey potatoes. Her food looks a little messy. Her presentation was relaxed. The judges say the falvors were good but the texture was off.

Debby: California -Chicken Breast, Zinfendel Red Wine, Almonds: Home Cooked Chicken Dinner
Michael: Hawaii-Kompachi, Pineapple, Macadamia Nuts: Macadamia Crust Fish with a Pineapple Sauce
Michael hit Debby in the eye with the corner of her sheet pan. Both of them were so flustered. Michael’s presentation seemed a little to much for me. In spite of her injury, Debby’s food looks great. Debby’s presentation was a little low but I think it was understandable. The judges said the food was bland.

They liked Jamika’s presentation but really didn’t like the food. Bobby liked Katie’s fish and her presentation. Bob slammed her for not including her perspective of healthy food. They also held the Turkey Burger against her. They told Michael that he needs to make friends with the camera because he is great in person. Jeffrey said he was embarrassed about his food. They want more from Jeffrey’s personality. They loved Melissa’s presentation. The soldier’s loved the food. Bobby liked Teddy’s food. He got slammed for reading the notes on his hand and the nervousness. Bob liked Debby’s presentation. Bobby thought the food was bland and not like her. Bobby said that someone needs to jump up and grab the title because no one has it yet.

In the end Melissa won! I just realized who it is Melissa reminds me of. It is Sissy Biggers! But there is always a loser. This was Teddy’ final appearance! His food may have been better than others but his personality was like nails on a chalkboard for me. So I totally think they made the right choice.

Next week is the Rachel Rae show! So it is going to be good.

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