Fingerprint Friday: I Am Not an Only

I am blessed by having some wonderful friends but, even in the midst of that love you can still feel alone. I’m not the girliest girl and I don’t always express emotions the way others think I should. So some assume that I don’t have emotions or get frustrated with me. I was reminded by a good friend (thanks Katie) that I am not an only. I never thought I was alone because God is always with me but I felt like I was the only. The only person who responds to challenge this way. The only who can be mournful of a situation at home but completely ok with it out because I feel I must be. The only one who feels that to dwell in sadness is the mistake, but it isn’t a denial of the problems or issues just becaue I can funtion happily. I forgot that the Lord has blessed me with some friends who not only accept supressed, uptight me but also are like me. It is very comforting in the chaos we are going through right now. It is great to see yet another Fingerprint of God when we need it so much!

Me and my babbling self are off to bed. Go check out some other fingerprints at Pampering Beki.

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