Next Food Network Star (7/19)

So we are getting near the end. Who do we think is going to make it? I think Jamika’s run might be coming to an end. Or Debby. I think that Jeffrey and Melissa will make it to the end but I have been wrong before.

This week we start off with Chef Michael Simon waiting for the finalists. They are going to have to do a live demo on a Miami morning show. The show kitchen is going to be rigged for problems. Debby gets to go first. They changed out her catfish for chicken and took some of her ustensils. She seemed to really handle everything they threw at her. Melissa is going to have the host messing with her the whole time. The host added hot sauce to her tapenade. She got a little frantic. Jeffrey was having technical issues. His mike gave out. So then they did a boom mike and then a mike he had to hold. He held a mike and a large knife together all the same time. Jamika was going to get wrong time cues and a up close mike. Jamika seemed a little stressed and didn’t smile much. Debby won!
I really relate to Melissa. When she gets nervous she talks really fast. And as any of you who know me real life, that is totally me. If she doesn’t get over that, she is out.
Now we are on to the next challenge. We have outdoor kitchens by the pool. They are having a challenge to get onto the Red Lobster menu (as they have done in previous seasons). They have 45 minutes to make a fresh fish dish that also has a shell fish or crustacean. They only thing they can use to cook is the woodfired grill. Debby got to select her seafood first. Debby went with Tilapia. Melissa went with artic char and scallops. Jamika did MahiMahi and shrimp. Jeffrey gets baramundi with scallops and shrimps.
Then they stopped time. They take Jeffrey’s chilis and they gave them Asian ingredients. Then they take Jamika’s pineapple and gave her celery root. They took Melissa’s citrus and gave her habeneros. Then Debby, they took her Asian ingredients and gave her some Mediteranian ingredients. And the time starts back with 41 minutes on the clock.
Jamika seems inable to fake happiness at all. But everyone else seemed to at least fake happiness. Jeffrey seemed to be able to keep his same basic plan just changed flavors. Jamika says she is pissed and doesn’t know what she is making. At 6 minutes she doesn’t know. Jamika grilled her celery root and then loved the flavor. Everyone else seemed to engage the judging panel.
Debby got hit by Bobby for not using capers. Bobby said the talapia was cooked perfectly. They thought that Melissa balanced the habenero and it went really well. Bob also liked how Melissa handled herself well. Jeffrey’s food went over well. Bobby was disappointed in the lack of spice in Jamika’s dish. Jamika also got hit for not having fun.
After the initial judging Jamika says when she is in the cooking zone don’t mess with her. If you are a grouch when you are cooking you should not invite people into your kitchen! Maybe this isn’t the job for her. After all the cooking, I think Jamika is on her way out.
At judging panel Bobby asked Jeffrey what his focus would be. Jeffrey said cooking without borders but Bobby said that he hasn’t shown that. Bob says that Jeffrey’s zen can translate into vanilla. Bobby said that Jamika’s Jamakin Me Crazy Shrimp was bland. They jumped on her bad attitude with Bob and how that doesn’t work for tv. Bobby was impressed how Melissa handled the habenero’s. Bob said she kind of blew it in the demo but listened to the notes and did well in the final challenge. Melissa layed it out well for Michael on her credibility with moms and scared Bobby a little. Bobby jumped on Debby for not using the capers and how at first she said they were in the dressing. Susie jumped on her for every week there being issues with her being clear/honest. Debby felt she hadn’t been dishonest and felt attacked. She said she just spoke without thinking. Debby thinks she has the most unique viewpoint. Jamika thought that she is memorable. Melissa thinks that her brand can grow the best.
The winner of the challenge was Jeffrey so his dish will be on the menu. I have to say that wasn’t the dish that I am running to Red Lobster to try. Melissa’s not to hot peppers is what I wanted to try.
Jamika was cut.
So we are down to the final 3. While I think Debby has what it takes I don’t think she is the right choice. She has had to many integrity issues and I don’t think the viewing public can embrace her fully with all of this hanging over her. The NerdPie is happy that Melissa is still around. Let’s see who has what it takes to go all the way!

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