And We are Back!

I can’t believe Hell’s Kitchen is back already but I am happy! I read in my local paper that this season isn’t that good but I am willing to give it a try. So let’s get started!

We start with JP meeting all the contestants out front. JP decides to give them all some tips. It is just a series of tv screens with ex-contestants highlighting their mistakes and most notorious moments. Then they have to go make their signature dishes. I really need to get a signature dish but anyway. Kevin says he is a legit chef and has won almost every award. The first thing I think is, well I haven’t heard of you and I do a fair amount of reading. This year’s prize is to be the chef in Whistler, Canada where the 2010 Olympics will be.
We are having the red team (girls) signature dishes against the blue team’s (guys). Suzanne presents a risotto and Ramsay says that it looks raw. She thinks he is wrong but when Ramsay tasted it, the risotto was raw. Dave made ostrich and Ramsay liked the seasoning but the brussel sprouts were under cooked. Tek made a honey grilled shrimp and Ramsay liked it (first point). Louie made sausage gravy over biscuits and Ramsay haed it. Joseph made roasted veal chop and veggies. The brussel sprouts were hard. Tenille made a lamb chop with balsamic glaze (point). Amanda made margarita french toast with a tequila shot. Ramsay was shocked that she would served him a piece of toast. Tony has never been to culinary school and manages a culinary shop. He made mussels with chorizo that Ramsay liked (point). Melinda made a poached lobster and portabella muchrooms. There was just a little lobster meat so the dish looked very odd and Ramsay said so. Jim did a seared ahi tuna and Ramsay liked it (point). Then Kevin’s and Ariel both got totally shut down. As did Lovely and Andy. Then a chipotle rubbed tenderloin by Sabrina got spit out because it was to spicy. Van made seared foigras did well (point) so the guys won. The girls got to clean the kitchens as their punishments. The guys got dinner ordered out from London Hollywood.
Heather, the winner from season 2, is Ramsay’s sous chef for the red team. The girls got bologna sandwiches for dinner while the guys were outside eating. Hell’s Kitchen will be open the next night so the girls spent the night memorizing the recipes. The guys on the other hand didn’t study. The chefs got knife kits. The guys don’t know the recipes and some are hung over. Lovely on the girl’s team precooked all the fondants before service (which is wrong).
Then Hell’s Kitchen opens. Tek had the scallops raw in the first order. Jim didn’t put up the right amount of scallops for their first order. Robert from last season came to Hell’s Kitchen for dinner with his wife! The blue team send out the first order. The red team keeps screwing up the same set of appetizers while the men are starting entrees. 2 different women couldn’t figure out if the pasta was cooked. It was under cooked and Melinda threw it out instead of cooking it some more. Lovely disappeared to go sit down and drink water. So they moved on to try to get out the Salmon and Amanda had stuck it in the freezer instead of the frig. Louie couldn’t get out the lamb at all. Ramsay tossed Louie out of the kitchen and told him to get his bags and get out! Then Ramsay shut the kitchens down.
Ramsay then invited Robert back to try again since he had to leave due to health. Which means I think Ramsay is still going to toss someone tonight (probably the red team). Since the red team served 0 entrees they lost. They had to come to a decision to put up 2 for elimination. They narrowed it down to Amanda, Melinda and Lovely when they were discussing it. When they were in front of Ramsay they put up Melinda and Amanda. Ramsay asked if Amanda agree and she said no, that lovely should be put up. Ramsay called both Amanda and Melinda down. Ramsay sent Melinda home. Robert got put on the red team.
Then we launched in the second hour….
So the mini challenge is dealing with shrimp to work on paying attention to detail. They have to clean them. Lovely sat out in order to make the teams even. Tenille only got 1 shrimp in the 10 minutes but all together the red team got 44. The blue team did well, Jim only got 2 but it was enough to win with 45. The punishment was to prep shrimp for shrimp cocktail for the dining rooom and prepping the lemons to. The blue team was going out for a seafood lunch and eating dessert on a yacht. Joseph is a little intense at lunch. Back in the kitchen Tenille tried to take control to prove her worth.
During prep Robert steps up to lead the women. In the blue kitchen Kevin takes a grapefruit from Tony to “show” him how to do it. Then Ramsay jumps on Tony 2 seperate times for not segmenting them over a bowl to grab the juice. For service they are going to do a table side scampi. Van and Tenille are going to do the tableside service. The scampi should coordinate with the other apps.
Tony was making scallops without anyone else being ready. Lovely was trying to cook on a stove without a flame. Then Tony’s scallops were cold so Kevin took over. Over on the red team, Robert was making a mess of the risotto. JP trys to help Van and Van won’t listen so he goes to the wrong table. JP says there is a language barrior because Van is from Texas. Tenille is under cooking shrimp. Van was dropping stuff. Then JP and Van got into it. I mean JP was pushing and the whole bit! Ramsay had to step in. JP called him a girl. Tenille got way behind so the blue team was making entrees while the red team had to wait. Andy made chicken, cut into it and it was raw so he cut it up and put it in a skillet. Then Sabrina also put up raw chicken. Kevin took over Tony’s fish station again. Then Kevin made raw fish. Then all the guys got on the fish station. Then Lovely started making raw fish and black fish but not cooked right. So nothing was going out of either kitchen.
So Ramsay had them make shrimp cocktail for everyone. So then food went out without any cooking needed. Once everyone got shrimp cocktail Ramsay shut down both kitchens. Each team needed to come up with 2 names for elimination.
So Tenille says she did a good job and represented everyone well. She says she doesn’t know that the lady was pregnant. Lovely said she shouldn’t have to go up. Sabrina was still fighting/denying the raw chicken thing. Tony stepped up and said that he should be put up. It was suggested that Van be put up for the fighting with JP. It was also suggested the Andy go up for meat.
The women nominated Tenille and Lovely. Ramsay asked Joseph who the nominees were and why. First Joseph said they knew who they were. Ramsay asked again and he named Tony and Andy. Joseph just kept mouthing off and wouldn’t say why. Joseph was cussing at Ramsay and fighting with both Ramsay and everyone else. Ramsay kept pushing him to answer so Joseph took off his jacket and stepped up to Ramsay and asked him to take it outside.
And it ended there…… See you next week!

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