Top Chef Masters (7/23)

We are close to finding out who all 6 finalists will be. I noticed that Art Smith was featured in the commercials. I wonder if that is foreshadowing or if he is just the only chef anyone has heard of on this week’s show. Well, let us jump in and see!

So this week we have Art Smith, Jonathan Waxman, Michael Cimarust, Roy Yamaguchi. We all have heard of Art Smith since he is “Oprah’s chef” but I have seen him on a variety of things including Top Chef. All the rest seem a little familiar but I can’t place them. Then they said Jonathan Waxman trained Bobby Flay and it all came flooding back.
So their Quick Fire is the aisle challenge. They had to draw knives with numbers to find what aisle they are on. The get $20 to buy their ingredients from 1 aisle at Whole Foods. The judges this week are 3 people who work at Whole Foods. Art and Jonathan couldn’t figure out how to put the lids on pressure cookers and Michael came in to save the day. It was an entertaining moment;). I am already annoyed with Art Smith’s name dropping. Roy was having problems with the time frame but also with the lack of Asian ingredients. But they all seemed to do well. The stars were close.
Art: 4 1/2 stars
Jonathan: 3 1/2 stars
Michael: 5 stars
Roy: 4 stars
Then on to the Elimination Challenge. They have to creat a mystery box for the chef whose name they have drawn. Then that chef has to use 7 of the ingredients to create a dish. They seem to all be behaving themselves. The next day they get their boxes that have 11 ingredients. Roy bought everything that Art wanted. Likewise Art bought good things for Roy. Michael bought well for Jonathan but Jonathan purposely denied Michael fish. Otherwise Michael liked the box he received from Jonathan. Michael ran out of time and didn’t get to sauce all the plates.
Art served Fried Chicken 2 Ways and a Mango Pie. It was Southern and well received. Then Roy served Short Rib Kalbi and Mahi Mahi. Many liked it but some thought the lemon grass was to much. Then Michael served a Loin of Lamb with Sunchoke Puree, Broccoli Rabe and Roasted Purple Cauliflower. The sauce that few got was a hit, the meat was a hit, the rest was just ok. Then Jonathat served Pork Sausage and Chop with Cauliflower Celery Root Puree with Black Truffle. His puree was a hit and it seemed to be a good homie dish.
Gail Greene thought Michael’s dish was better without the sauce. It seemed that all Michael’s food didn’t work well on the plate together. Art’s chicken was a hit. Some of Roy’s Mahi Mahi seemed a little over cooked. Roy’s beef was good but they weren’t sure the fish and beef went together. Jonathan’s puree was well praised. The whole thing was a love fest between the chefs. It was cute. The judges said that Roy’s plate was over sauced.
Roy: 15 stars
Michael: 17 1/2 stars
Art: 22 stars
Jonathan: 20 stars
So Art is moving on! He is the last chef. So next week we move on to the top 6!

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