Next Food Network Star Episode 4

So I found this great recap so you guys will only have to be exposed to my snark. So here are my impressions as they come to me!

First up is the technique video:
I think Adam did a real decent job with his artichoke cleaning. He goes with it and flows. Aaron was painful just blathering on about pineapple garnish. Kelsey did well but her rib wasn’t clean! Did Shane really try to pour out the coconut water with just 1 hole? This is why kids should pay attention in science class. 1 for things to come out and 1 for air to go in. If Nipa is trying to fake it she will have to quit giggling. Lisa doesn’t seem to realize that it is more important to communicate that to actually truss the chicken. I just wanted to cry with Jennifer.

Then the Challenge:
I think Kelsey may have locked it up by having Tilapia. Though I would have chosen the Fruit Loops instead of white chocolate. If Aaron doesn’t check the griddle temperature and then doesn’t compensate for over cooking before they even leave for the ship?? Maybe he isn’t the real deal. Did Adam really think falling on purpose would endear him to sailors? I am glad that Shane was finally able to get a decent presentation and his food to turn out. Lisa actually seemed very approachable but Tartar for Red Lobster? Eww! Nipa, grow a set and know that you will wash your hands later. It isn’t like raw fish will permeate you. I laughed at people like her in Bio class. Then the Ballywood dance lesson? I love it but you really have to consider your audience. I felt for Jennifer. I am an apologizer too. It just seems to have more integrity that way but I understand why that wouldn’t make for a good tv star.

Yes, I am harsh but maybe it is because it doesn’t seem that hard. Could I completely fillet a fish? No way, but getting a decent amount off? Sure!

I think the judges were totally right in sending Nipa home. Her time had come!

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