Kids Say the Darndest Things

I don’t know how many of you know but I have 3 dads. My mom has been married 3 times so like many others of my generation this leads to many parents;).

So, my kids realized that I had many sets of parents and at one point they wanted to know when they were going to add another dad to their collection. Well, we convinced them that that would never happen. A year or so passes. Then my kids realized that my birth father lives in Texas. NerdPie then assumes that my mom lives with him (since they don’t see her very much). I explained that they aren’t married to each other but are married (Grandma x is married to Grandpa y and Grandpa a is married to Grandma b). They seem to get it.

We were meeting the missionaries that (at that point) were considering moving into the extra house. NerdPie says out of nowhere, “My mom’s mom and dad weren’t married when she was born”. I just don’t know what to say other than we are trying to explain my life;). But when I tell her my parents were married, she says they couldn’t be because they aren’t married to each other;).

We will work on it without making it seem as something we think should happen. Oy! Thanks Mom and Dad.

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