Next Food Network Star Finale!!!

So who will win it all! Melissa or Jeffrey? The slightly high strung stay at home mom or the overly zen dad? Let’s find out!

We see got glimpses into Jeffrey and Melissa’s life. It doesn’t surprise me to see that Jeffrey does marshal arts but it did surprise me to see he works in real estate. Melissa has 4, 3, and twins 1 1/2 year old girls. That are some close kids;). Back to the competition.

Alton Brown walks into the room. He tells them that they are going to shoot the pilots. AB will the director. So AB meets with each of them to go over concept. I think this is the perfect final challenge. With some previous winners that was the problem. They won but their shows stunk.

Jeffrey is going to focus on a foreign ingredient and bring it back into the scope US cooking. So they come up with the name Ingredient Smuggler. AB then met with Melissa and she needs to center hers around survival, Your Kitchen Survival Guide.

Melissa is going to make a rustic lemon onion chicken dish using her 4 step chicken method. Melissa was busy harried but Alton reminds her that is isn’t about recipes and concepts but personality. It seemed to calm her down.

Then it was Jeffrey’s turn. He is making a Harissa Steak sandwich with a Sun Dried Tomato and Mint Mayo. Jeffrey was too focused at first and wasn’t relaxed at all. Of course, he finally relaxes and the last take went off well.

Then we launch into the actually finale. I am excited that winner’s show will air in 1 week! Sometimes I think they wait too long.

All boils down to who won? Well…….Melissa!!!

I think she was the best choice! I am excited to see her show next week!

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