Tackle It Tuesday: We Have Paint!

OK, I understand. Painting an office may not be a huge accomplishment for many of you, but it is grand for us. Our office has been our junk/storage room since we moved into this house. This means it has been piled high with stuff. So back at the end of October I decided to reclaim our office. Then I had major surgery, then Christmas so it totally got shelved. Just recently I decided to try again. We finally got it totally cleaned out (or really, all the junk is in the garage;) and painted. This was my first experience painting these walls with builder paint. I have never need to use primer and these walls took about 1 1/2 cans of it.

So now we are just waiting for the paint to cure for a couple of days and then we will put the outlet covers back on and move back the furniture. We need to get that part done this week so we can start organizing the paper work before I go back to Stanford (the 12th). So what do you think of our Moose Mousse?

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