Nora Ephron on Crazy Clinton

I have heard a fair amount about the Crazy Clinton encounter on Fox News Sunday this week. (I have this on TiVo but haven’t seen it yet) It seems that the normal parties are on the predictable sides of the discussions. Conservatives say how crazy Clinton was about a simple question and the Dem’s just revel in Clinton’s, well best described as, Clinton-ness. You know, he is Bill Clinton so nothing but truth and beauty come from his mouth (yuck!). Well, Nora Ephron has surprised me by saying he was wrong. She even agrees that this is typical Bill Clinton:

How does it happen? How does one of the smartest men ever elected president end up sandbagged by Chris Wallace? Is this what one docudrama does to the guy? I don’t think so. I’m afraid this is classic Clinton, Clinton the monologist, Clinton the guy who used to keep his White House houseguests up until 4 a.m. while he went on and on about what the press was doing to him. What a waste.

While we disagree about what the true answer was to Chris Wallace’s question should be, we agree that he should have just answered the question. Her proposed answer?

He should have said that he went after Bin Laden and that if Al Gore had been elected (which he was) we probably would have killed him and 9/11 would never have happened.

Whereas I think he should have just admitted he was a bad president;). This just proves that it is all about Bill. It doesn’t matter what cause he is trying to promote, it will always come second to his ego. That is the state of Bill Clinton’s legacy.

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