Odd Mom Out: Are You?


I admit it, I am an Odd Mom Out in most circumstances. Between the fact that I work from home and homeschool and am a geek and love to cook… Well, all those things don’t necessarily go together…

So I got a chance to screen Odd Mom Out, Bravo’s new scripted show, I was very interested to see it. And I was not disappointed! It is a fun and light hearted look at what it is to be, well, the odd one out. Not only are the characters relate able but it is a poke at all the Real Housewives shows (that yes, I watch;). Our Odd Mom, Jill,  is the more common sense rich person we all think we would be. We see her trying to retain her common sense and sometimes failing.

One of my favorite aspects of Odd Mom Out is that she does have a good support system. Her husband and marriage is very solid. Her best friend gives her that reminder of who she is and supports (or laughs) her when she gives in to the crazy around her. 

It is very entertaining so I recommend you make yourself a Mom-osa (if you drink) and you kick back to watch the Odd Mom Out premiere on June 8, 2015 on Bravo! But you don’t have to wait for taste. Pop over to Bravo’s Odd Mom Out page to check out the trailer right now!


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