Oliver’s Labels Review

I have lots of kids, which means I have lots of stuff that I have to keep track of so we don’t lose it all. So I was very excite to check out a sampling of labels from Oliver’s Labels. These are awesome!

Now one of the things motherhood has taught me is that the kids can lose everything. Shoes because they all took them off to run through the grass, Cubby vests because they get hot at Awana, not to mention backpacks and the such. Previously my strategy has been a black permanent marker on tags and that hasn’t worn so well. It doesn’t take long for the writing to get blurry between washing, sweating and being dragged on the ground. That is why I love these labels! They are clear and tough, extremely tough. They are even pretty water resistant so they work for water bottles and beach towels. I really love the shoe labels because they don’t slip and are clear to ready! I also love the fact you aren’t force to be cutesy, you can get you labels done in all kinds of cool fashion prints.

I really like the Found It Code. This is a free feature that Oliver’s Labels offers everyone. They print a code on each label and a website. If someone finds 1 of your things they just go to the website and input your code. Oliver’s Labels then sends you an email. I love that for security’s because walking around with a fob that has your name, address, and phone number makes me nervous.

Now I admit that I am a cheapskate. I have seen these before but never bought them. Part of the reason why is that I never saw the prices. It is not nearly as pricey I would have once thought. It would also make a great present. You can get a mixed pack for less than $30. And to sweeten the pot, Oliver’s Labels has provided a coupon code for 10% off! Just use “LABELEVERYTHING” before June 31, 2009 (when it expires;).

So go, check it out and let me know what you think!

(This is a FRN Review)

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