Peanut Butter Birdfeeders

A Toilet Paper Roll and Pine Cone Birdfeeder

I love bird feeders because I love birds! When I was a kid we used to hang bird feeders outside the bathroom window so we could listen to them when my mom was getting ready in the morning. We also hung them outside the back door and I would watch the birds when I needed to take a break from homework;). And my kids love them too! So making bird feeders is a must in our house!!!

This is a super easy bird feeder that young elementary school kids can make with practically no supervision! It is easy and I made these when I was a Brownie. But I have changed it from how I did it as a kid. Changed it just enough to make it easier;).

Both of these use peanut butter as a glue to adhere the bird seed. I remember trying to spread peanut butter on a toilet paper roll as a kid and getting super frustrated! So I solved the problem! Put some peanut butter in a bowl and then add a little vegetable oil. Mix! This will thin out the peanut butter and make it workable. Just don’t thin it too much or you will just be spreading oil onto your stuff;).

With the toilet paper roll feeder there are just a couple of steps! First, punch holes across from each other. Then tie twine, butcher’s string, or fishing line to both holes. Slather the toilet paper holder with your thinned peanut butter. Then roll the toilet paper roll in a bowl you have filled with birdseed. Make sure you press firmly! And that is it! Just hang and watch the birds feast.

The pine cone feeder is basically the same deal. Slather your pine cone in the thinned peanut butter and roll! Then ties a string on it! My daughter did one where she added shaped green pipe cleaners to make it look like a fruit;).

Seriously, that is all it takes for super cute, cheap and easy peanut butter based bird feeders!!!!

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