Peppermint Bits

Ok, I love that this is the season of peppermint! I love peppermint in my cocoa, chocolate chip cookies and in my biscotti! And of course I have a great way to get peppermint bits super cheap!

The first thing to remember is that candy canes keep for a very long time;). So I buy the mini candy canes on the 75% off sales after Christmas. And yes always the mini candy canes because they are so easy to crush then!

So open them all up and put them into a gallon size ziplock bag. Make sure you put the bag in an easy to clean place. As you crush the candy canes they will make small punctures in the bag and leave a little sugar dust where ever it was sitting. Then hand a child a rolling pin and let them whack away!

Then you have a bowl of peppermint bits! You can add them to all kinds of delicious things. But keep them in an airtight bowl or bag because otherwise they will clump!

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