Play and Learn Baby Spoon Review

I got these awesome spoons from Baby Human to try with my NerdPud. Here in the NerdFamily we are slow to transition to spoons because of the horrible mess. So when I read about how great these help kids learn to use a spoon I was excited to give it a go!

First off they are made of an awesome soft plastic. It has a little give and it top shelf dishwasher safe. It is curved and perfect for little hands to hold it. As soon as the NerdPud picked it up she could get it right to her mouth because of the shaping. It also has a neat safety feature. It has a gag guard. That little disc right after the bowl of the spoon prevents the spoon from being able to go to far into the kiddo’s mouth. It even doesn’t stain. We did spaghetti sauce and it cleaned right up, leaving not a single stain!

Now, the NerdPud has a bit farther to go until she can feed herself everything with a spoon but I do think within a week she will be great! For only $8.99 you can pick up a 2 pack of these awsome spoons at the Baby Human website or Amazon.

(This is a FRN review)

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