Pregnancy Carnival

Sorry for the delay in this week’s Carnival of Pregnancy. Once the little cuties come out they can cause a little chaos so it can take a little longer to get things done. All you expecting mother’s have been warned;). So on with the Carnival! We got some great entries so let’s jump right in!

First things first…You have to get pregnant. Jeanine and Nina are taking the plunge and doing In Vitro Fertilization… a different perspective from Queercents. So it all works and your pregnant! What is next? Let’s Talk Babies helps you with Telling Your Boss That You’re Pregnant.

One of thebenefitss of being around pregnant women is sharing their joy. Principle Discovery’s Dana share their first pictures of their 10 week blessing-to-come in A glimpse at baby. We also get to share in Loni at Finding JOY in the Morning with Baby Update – 14 weeks.

We have some posts that deal with the end of the pregnancy. First up is Hug the Monkey presenting Home-made Oxytocin Therapy for Pregnant Moms (warning: it deals with specifics with labor) and how to avoid needing Pitocin. SenseList has a great post, 20 Most Popular U.S. Baby Names in 2005 and 1885, that compares the common popular names. Suite101, Family Travel, has a very interesting article, Baby Born on a Plane,
that deals with the citizenship issues that arise in this situation.

Something else that comes with babies are products and gadgets. PocketChange tells us about Power Bars for Preggies. They seem to come in many yummy flavors. American Inventor Spot has a review of the iCrib system with Make Your Baby the Coolest on the Block. An yes, it is an iPod accessory;). Then is the not so fun expenses. Canadian Financial Stuff takes a look at Baby formula, the price of convenience?

That brings a close to our carnival. Please read and respond to our various authors. If you have an article to contribute please go to BlogCarnival. Then come back in 2 weeks for our next edition!

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