Project Runway is Over!

So Project Runway is over for this season. Due to illness it has taken a while to get around to commenting on it. Now I preface my opinions with the fact that I admit that I am not, by any means, fashionable. More accurately you could say that I dress more like a housefrau. But, if money, size and life style (washing dishes and getting spit up on doesn’t work well for clothes) were no issue, I would be fierce;).

So Christian won and I am a little disappointed. While I do think that Christian was the most artistic, I am not sure if he is the best clothing designer for women. Jillian and Rami both seemed to have looks that a woman with some sort of curvature could wear. I have heard in a few places that no one but Victoria Beckham, Christian himself and pre-pubescent girls could wear his clothes and I agree. Will it do Christian any good to have his line sold on BlueFly? Will it be bought by people to wear or as collectors items? I think he could really be great one day as long as he learns to temper his flare with the actual human form. Only time will tell his real potential.

Seperately, there is a great interview with Tim Gunn in the Chicago Tribune. Even more interesting is Victoria’s response on Blogging Project Runway to part of that interview.

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