Project Runway: The Reunion

So did anyone watch the Project Runway reunion show last night? I think the thing that actually shocked me the most is when Tim Gunn asked if anything had been said that was really hurtful to any of them. Then Carmen Webber had said that things that had been said when she left had really hurt. Things like “I am just glad it wasn’t me” and “Even if she had finished it wouldn’t have been that good” that had been said by other competitors. Really? That was soooo unreasonable? For those of you who don’t remember it was the menswear challenge and everyone was afraid that they would be sent home. I guess I am shocked that her skin was so thin. When the judges were asked about the worst design and they alluded to her design that got her tossed she actually looked angry. The judges just mentioned it as one of the worst designs because she sent her model out with cloth around his neck instead of a shirt. She could have had a sense of humor about the whole challenge like others did but I guess that just isn’t part of her personality.

Oh, I found a great blog, Blogging Project Runway!

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