Prop 19: Let’s Come Together

OK, this post has been mulling around in my head and I have sat down to write it multiple times this weekend. But I have been hesitant because I am not sure of the response that I will get from my friends;).

I was listening to a local radio guy, Austin Hill I think, and he was talking about how some states are fighting the feds over the health insurance issue and Arizona fighting over immigration. But he said that to take on the Federal government over pot (Proposition 19) was stupid. Well, I strongly disagree! I think this is the one issue that the liberals and the conservatives can come together. Health care is a definite party issue as is immigration. This is an issue that we can unite on. But let’s back up to why I think we should be taking on the Federal government to begin with.

I know that I am not the only person who thinks that the Federal government has overstepped their purview time after time. Here in Central California we had our water shut off over a fish, they tell us how to run our schools and legislate in various areas that they just don’t belong in. Other than being annoyed, the 10th Amendment to the Constitution tells us that the Federal Government is over stepping.

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

This is commonly known as the States Rights Amendment. It basically means that anything that wasn’t included in the Constitution was up to the States to legislate or regulate. I think that the Federal government has forgotten that it exists merely to support the States and protect basic individual rights.

I feel that Proposition 19 gives us the opportunity, nay the responsibility to take our government back!

Now before everyone gets their panties in a bunch, there are lots of things that I don’t like that are legal. I think smoking is bad for you and strip clubs are stupid. But people have a right to be stupid;). Why to we have to outlaw pot? Do you realize that alcohol was never as popular as it was during prohibition. Not to mention the fact that prohibition made gangsters like Al Capone. Maybe, just maybe legalizing it would take the thrill out of people who are just using it to rebel. Not to mention the fact that it is seen as a reasonable treatment in some medical conditions.

I don’t think I will ever smoke pot and that isn’t why I want to vote to legalize it. I could go down the road explaining the tax revenue that our state could acquire but that isn’t the real issue either. I want to take back our rights and stop allowing Big Brother to be well, Big Brother. This can be our first battle! I say vote yes on Proposition 19!!!!

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  1. Well, here is my two cents. Not to say that YOU are wrong and I am right. Or I am wrong and You are right….

    The idea of state getting more funding… is a good thought. HOWEVER…. as I voted to legalize indian casinos because it guaranteed more money to the schools… Our schools are being cut drastically as we speak. So I feel there is NO guarantee that moneys’ gained from this would go to good purposes. I have no guarantee that the special interest groups that got the water cut off to the valley to save a stupid fish that GOD said, we have Dominion over… I feel like these are the liberal sorts of groups that the moneys gained from legalizing marajuana would go to. Instead of an Al Capone getting the money…. UNCLE SAM..(with people like Obama and Pelosi and their sort of thinking type of people) would become the new Al Capone.
    When alcohol was prohibited… yes.. you had your underground pushers… but since it got legalized…. Isn’t there such a Mass over usage of this product? Who’s to say that there won’t be MORE USE….just because they can? I say VOTE NO : Stop free use of this product… and SAY NO to the Liberal Al Capone wanna be’s like the democratic groups who want government to control the country.

  2. Delores, state revenue isn’t the point! The point is to limit the growing behemoth that is the federal government! Yes any tax revenue would just go to the state coffers but at least we would be taking back some sort of control!

    Special interests didn’t get the water, it had to sit there for the fish. The farms didn’t get the water it needed so farms on the west side have had to shut down.

    And as far as alcohol, supposedly it has been at its highest popularity when it was banned.

  3. Now that Professor David Nutt has at last come out and said what’s common knowledge anyway, that alcohol does more harm than heroin, can we please end this senseless and harmful drugs prohibition? It only benefits the arms and drug-dealers and banks, no-one else.

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