Proving the Greatness of Socialized Medicine

So socialized medicine is supposed to be great right? I mean don’t we all want what Canada has? Everyone can have great treatment and it will just be taken out of your check… Well, it isn’t good enough for Canadian Premier Williams. He needs heart surgery and is going to travel over the border to avail himself of America’s great health system. I have heard about this for years. That the wealthy in Canada (and frankly even the not so wealthy) will come to the US to have medical procedures done either due to our better quality or the expediency. So maybe all those who desire what Canada has should actual see what Canadians with a choice do.

I thought a commenter over at Instapundit had an interesting question. If Obamacare passes how will the Canadian healthcare system survive?

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  1. After having endured 5 years' worth of Army medicine, I would not inflict socialized medicine on ANYONE.

    The only good aspect was that we had no out of pocket expenses whatsoever. No premiums, no co-pays, no cost shares, no deductibles, nada.

    But in exchange, we had absolutely no choice (we saw whomever we were assigned to), the providers ranged from at best inexperienced to at worst completely incompetent, the wait times were very long, getting a referral to a specialist was a nightmare, and procedures considered routine in the civilian world (like a 2nd trimester ultrasound) were simply not done.

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