Doing Real Life Shopping on Black Friday: 5 Things to Look For

reallifeblackfriLast year I talked about some common sense Black Friday Shopping Strategies and this year I wanted to delve a little deeper into how I do Black Friday Shopping. I always talk about the stuff I really shop for on Black Friday aren’t presents but things for real life.

Since a lot of the Black Friday ads are already out you can already start looking at ads and making lists. There are 5 things I recommend that you look for every year that you need in real life!

1) Gift Cards! Yes, these could be presents but they also are great to use for budgeting tools! Walgreens is giving away a $15 gift card with the purchase of 2 $25 gift cards. That is just 1 example of a great gift card deal!

2) Denim! Every year I find great deals on denim for the kids and usually I can find some great deals for me too! Walmart is advertising $8 jeans for both boys and girls this year and only $9.50 for men.

3) Bedding! Walmart has 700 thread count sheets that are going to be $25 and Target has the big fluffy blankets for $20.

4) Pajamas! I don’t just mean Christmas ones either. This is the time to get all the pj’s you will need for the year. Both Target and Walmart are advertising pj’s for the whole family ranging from $4.50 to $6!

5) Drugstore steals! Walgreens and CVS always have a ton of deals that are free after coupons to use next time. They are things like shampoo and tooth brushes! They may have run out of them by the time you get there but there will probably still be many freebies to have!!!

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